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Welcome to the Centre for Bioengineering. Some introductory information about the Centre and our courses is available below but if you would like further information and/or advice, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Bioengineering involves the application of engineering and science to areas of medicine, healthcare and biology. It encompasses research in areas of Medical Engineering, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, Modelling, Therapeutics, and Medical Informatics. Engineering within the environment of the human body requires a wide spectrum of disciplines from basic science through to concept design. The Centre for Bioengineering has an international reputation in Computational Bio-Fluid Mechanics and model-based decision support for the critically ill.


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The Centre for Bioengineering includes people from many different departments within the University, contributing knowledge and research from varying fields.

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Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses in Bioengineering

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Search for faculty/staff with knowledge in your area of study in the Directory.


Fees and Costs

Find information on Fees and Costs for Domestic and International Students.

Student Allowances and Loans

Student Allowances and Loans are administered by StudyLink.


PhD and Theses site contains information regarding Regulations, Financial Information, and Enrolment / Registration Forms for both Masters and PhD students.

Journal Articles

The major resources for obtaining journal articles are through the library sytem.

  • The University of Canterbury library is an excellent source for e-journals, arranged by title. Also, through this site you may access numerous databases, the most important being Science Direct.
  • The library also has a website specifically for Postgraduate Students. The tutorials are an excellent way to learn about research methods and available information and
  • The medical library is the best facility for medical journals, but access is restricted. To obtain permission, go to the engineering library and get the appropriate form, to be signed by Professor Tim David and taken in person to the medical library. They will give you limited access and a card.

Computing Help

Find information and help about the most effective programs for email, web browsing, article writing, math modelling, meshing, etc. on the Computing Help page.

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