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Numerical methods in Bioengineering


Numerical methods are foundational to most complex engineering applications. However, numerical methods are typically poorly applied in biomedical applications. This research stream aims to improve current numerical and analytical methods in bioengineering to make tangible improvements in diagnosis, prediction and treatment.

Fields of research within numerical methods for bioengineering

  • Implementation and improvement of parameter identification methods in pulmonary mechanics
  • Development and application of novel methods of forward simulation for the acceleration of simulation and improved robustness of the inverse problem
  • Alternative methods of the inverse problem when dealing with large data sets of dynamic data
  • Structural and practical model identifiability analyses for improved protocol design and information yield
  • Model observability in the presence of ‘grey noise’ and poorly sampled data
  • Dynamic signal analysis using Bayesian approaches.
  • Novel approaches in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics

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